Dance                                           Song we Dance to

Two Step (Line Dance)                Two Step (Laura Bell Bundy)

Little Sweet                                 Shut Up and Dance

Country as can be                        Country as a Boy Can Be

Shake It (Fireball)                        Fireball (Pitbull)

Shotgun Jenny                             Shake It (The Lacs)

Bullfrog on a Log                         Got a Feeliní

Cooler Online                              Cooler On Line

Sugar Kane                                    It Happens

Little Bit Lit                                    Lit

Talkin' 'Bout Walkin' Out                  All Over but the Shoutin

Tulsa Cha                                       Tulsa Time

Have a Good Time                           Good Time

Rebel Strut (16 Step)                        The Wind
One Eyed Parrot Dance Club
..................................                                                                                                                                                                                                                .........
Dance                              Song we Dance to

Iím No Angel                                 Iím No Angel

Call Me Baby                                Call Me Maybe

American Kids                              American Kids

Canadian Stomp                           Honey Iím Home

Little Rhumba                                  Like She's not Yours

Gin & Tonic                                    Love Drunk

Crash and Burn                             Crash and Burn

What Makes You Country              What Makes You Country

Tush Push                                      Every Little Thing

Boot Scoot Boogie                           Boot Scoot Boogie

Lumber Jack Stomp                         Talk Some

Baby Dance with Me                        Dance with Me Tonight

Mishnock Slide                                I love this Life

Videos of Basic Steps