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~They say practice makes perfect. Then they tell you nobody's perfect. I wish they'd make up their mind.

Demo Practice Page
Requirements for Participation

All One Eyed Parrot Line Dancers are welcome to participate in the hour long demo on either or both days

Tickets are Limited - Let Me know as early as possible if you would like to participate & on which Date.

List of Demo Dances & Tickets / Parking passes will be available to be picked up at all One Eyed Parrot events from now until September 19th.

There are 20 dances on the list. Participants will need to know at least 15 of the dances listed and demo them on the date they attend. Plan on utilizing the dances you don't know as a chance to rest and rehydrate. (Bring Water)

(ALSO -Please keep in mind that everybody screws up a dance step now and then, that's not a problem. But.. you need to know the dance before demo'ing it with the group. A public demo is not the place to learn or try to remember.)

Everyone Does the same Dance, no floor splits. Minor variations are fine but no directional changes.

Everyone needs to wear a One Eyed Parrot Shirt or a Relatively Plain Black Shirt

Dancers need to arrive at the New England Center (Cream Puff Building) 30 Minutes prior to demo.